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Tell Carmel and the Planning Commission: “We do not need more luxury housing!”

It’s time to defend affordable housing . . . again!

Last April, many housing advocates and tenants joined us at a Planning Commission hearing to urge the commissioners to not approve a project allowing Carmel Partners to destroy almost 200 units of affordable housing and replace them with over 300 units of luxury housing. The Planning commission tabled the issue thanks to your help!

But once again, we need your help to stop the demolition and replacement of affordable housing with more luxury housing.

The Pasadena Planning Commission will hear comments on the Environmental Impact Report (IER) of Carmel’s proposed project on Wednesday, October 25 at 6:30 PM in Council Chambers (Room S249).

Ask yourself, does Pasadena really need more luxury housing? You know the right answer and we are urging you to join us and tell the Planning Commission to say “no” to Carmel unless their project includes mostly affordable housing. 

E-mail us at if you would like add your voice in support of affordable housing and wish to testify at next week’s hearing —