Fight for $15

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Thanks to efforts by you and others, Pasadena adopted a minimum wage law in 2016 requiring employers with 26 or more employees to pay their workers $13.25/hour and employers with 25 or fewer employees paying $12/hour. This minimum wage law puts more dollars into the wallets of low-income earners. This benefits the entire Pasadena economy with added spending power.

Now the minimum wage increase is in danger! Pasadena’s ordinance is unique. It requires the City Council to vote in February, 2019 to continue the path to $15 by 2020 for large employers, and 2021 for small employers.

We need your help!  Please contact your City Council Member and ask them to ratify the Council’s unanimous 2016 decision and VOTE YES IN FEBRUARY, 2019 to guarantee low income workers receive the minimum wage increases until they reach $15/hour in 2020.

Don’t know who your City Council Member is? Use the City of Pasadena Interactive Map to find your Council District and Council Member:
Then let us know your Name, Email Address and Council District by emailing Pasadenans for Progress (POP!) at


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