Progress for Pasadena Immigrants!

Together with NDLON (National Day Laborers Organizing Network) and CLUE-Pasadena (Clergy and Laity United for Economic justice), POP! had its first major victory with Lizbeth Mateo as Lead Organizer on March 27, 2017.

Dozens of Pasadena residents and clergy gave public comment urging the Pasadena City Council to strengthen their current/proposed immigration policy regarding collusion with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). ICE has been a force of terror in immigrant communities across the country, forcing many into hiding, unable to report crimes, including domestic abuse and rape.

POP’s organizing efforts recruited many of the people who gave comment as well as expert legal services in crafting the proposed language of the improved policy that the council unanimously voted yes to strengthen – even beyond the lengths that some municipalities that call themselves “Sanctuary Cities” have gone.

But as of this writing, the fight is not completely over. Securing our language in the final policy remains to be done, and has just been proposed in a letter emailed to all Pasadena City Council members on April 3. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR COUNCIL MEMBER AND URGE HIM OR HER TO SUPPORT OUR PROPOSED LANGUAGE for the new immigration policy our city leaders agreed to strengthen.

With this achievement, Pasadena goes a long way toward setting the moral and just standard for the USA when it comes to protecting law-abiding immigrants from deportation.

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