Screening of Full Length 30 Min. Video of Chris Ballew Incident.

Join us for a screening of this highly controversial video detailing what happened on November 9, 2017, the night Chris Ballew was beaten and arrested by 2 Pasadena Police Officers.

The half hour video, produced by James Farr, presents an in-depth interview of Ballew’s attorney, John Burton, and provides a moment-by-moment analysis of what took place on the night of November 9, 2017. Moderated by Brandon Lamar, Community Leader/Advocate, and Eshele Williams PsyD, LMFT, Psychotherapist/Consultant

Sponsors: IMA ( Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance) NAACP, CICOPP (Coalition for Increased Civilian Oversite Pasadena Police) and POP (Pasadena Organizing Progress)