Workers Rights

POP’s Workers Rights Committee

Our Mission:

The Workers’ Rights Committee is a committee of Pasadenans Organizing for Progress (POP!) whose mission is to engage, organize and mobilize workers, volunteers, community,  faith and labor leaders, to ensure that every worker in Pasadena receives a livable wage and has their rights protected.

Our goals include:

  • Enforcing the 2016 Pasadena Minimum Wage Ordinance
  • Advocate so that our city council continues the wage increases as scheduled and does not pivot to the few voices of the opposition.
  • Combat wage theft by closely monitoring businesses to ensure they are in compliance with the law and report instances of wage theft to city officials.
  • Train and mobilize workers and volunteers to ensure all workers are aware of their rights.

The Workers’ Rights Committee meets bi-weekly to discuss strategy and plan activities. Committee representatives meet monthly with city staff to ensure that the City is diligently enforcing the minimum wage ordinance and holding accountable those businesses that willfully ignore the law and steal the hard-earned wages from workers.

If you are interested in joining the Workers’ Rights Committee, please contact

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