Studies on Minimum Wage

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The City of Pasadena Friday released two studies detailing a minimum wage increase impact analysis to comply with the Pasadena Minimum Wage Ordinance.

On March 14, 2016, the Pasadena City Council adopted a local minimum wage ordinance, Ordinance #7278. The ordinance required that on or before February 2019, the City Manager presents a report to the City Council summarizing the impact of the city-wide minimum wage on reducing poverty, unemployment, job creation, and overall business climate.

City staff prepared a Request for Proposal seeking responses to assess the impact of the City’s minimum wage on workers, businesses, city residents, and the broader community. As the result, the City selected two independent consultants to analyze the impact of the Pasadena Minimum Wage.

The reports were prepared by Dr. Michael Reich and Dr. Edward Leamer.

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